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Acupuncture Testimonial: Acupuncture Alleviates Pain in Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Legs & Hip

Today we received this wonderful testimonial from our patient to put up on our blog and website.  Thanks Pete!  


I had been having lots of symptoms and considerable pain and discomfort for almost a year prior to visiting Monica.  The doctors had been generally confused, unhelpful and expensive.  I despaired that I would ever be 100% again.

 Monica immediately diagnosed my condition, and from the first session I had dramatic improvement.  All my symptoms have been greatly reduced.  Monica is a very good listener and very collaborative in designing the acupuncture treatments.  I am not 100%, because that will take some time, but my condition is greatly improved and I am confident I will fully recover.

 I would recommend Monica to anyone for any condition they think is suited to acupuncture.  She is the only person that was able to help me.

 Pete Sher


Pete is a patient of Monica Legatt who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine at Downtown Seattle Acupuncture





Acupuncture for Neck Pain

It is estimated that 45% of today’s workers have neck pain, and at any given time 12% of all women and 9% of men are suffering from neck pain.  Acupuncture can safely and effectively treat neck pain: not only does it reduce pain and stiffness in the short-term, but with regular weekly treatments and appropriate lifestyle changes acupuncture can cure even longstanding neck pain. 

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) neck pain is caused by the blockage of energy (Chi) flowing through the gallbladder and urinary bladder acupuncture meridians.  When we have an injury such as whiplash or chronic tension from long hours at a computer, the energy in our neck is impaired and slows down like a bottleneck in traffic, or like a dam on a river.  The ensuing symptoms of neck pain, inflammation and stiffness can all be alleviated with acupuncture treatments.

 Acupuncture works by stimulating the break-up and release of the blocked energy in your neck, thereby increasing the blood flow to the region to expedite the healing process.  You can expect from your acupuncture treatments:

            ∙Decreased neck pain

            ∙Increased neck range of motion and mobility

            ∙Decrease in local inflammation

            ∙Increased neck strength

            ∙A decrease in related conditions such as headache and back pain

 If your neck pain is acute, you should receive acupuncture treatments two or three times in the first week.  If you have chronic neck pain, weekly treatments for several weeks is necessary for good results.  Other treatment modalities such as massage therapy, cupping, or physical therapy in combination with acupuncture will give you even faster results.   A licensed acupuncturist can perform massage therapy and cupping in addition to acupuncture as part of your TCM treatment plan.  You may be prescribed a Chinese herbal formula for neck pain to take such as Jing Zhui Kan or Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang. 

 Please contact me if you have questions about acupuncture and neck pain, or anything else related to Traditional Chinese Medicine!